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01. 100% Organic

We are a research based organization engaged in the manufacturing trading and distribution of agricultural bio fertilizers.

02. Best Quality Products

Poshkoshine, Sulphoshine, Chipkoshine Pushposhine Viruskill Cupshine Mitoshine Gibroshine Mikadoshinde Poshkocharge Virus-Cleaner Mishroshine.


  • Sulphoshine
  • Chipkoshine
  • Pushposhine


SULPHOSHINE is a plant food containing liquid sulphur from natural source based on neem for foliar application.

It increases the absorption & metabolism of N,P,K, Fe,Mg,Mn,Zn& other Micro nutrients. Its beneficial for Onion,Garlic& all fruits Vegetables.

Dose- 400-500 ml per acre in 100-200 litre of water (60-70 litres pump).


CHIPKOSHINE wetting and spreading agent. It is used with all types of pesticides, Fungicides and weedicides.

Wetmax increase the distribution and absorption of spray in the plants. Recommended in all crops and vegetables.

Increase the fruiting of crops. NUTROMAX is increase the production of crops . 2-3


PUSHPOSHINE is research based combination containing 20% flowering booster it is a flowering stimulant cum yield booster for many crops.

It incudes profuse flowering thereby increases the yield.

Compatible with all kinds of organic maniure/vermin compost /FYM and chemical fertilizers.